18 Ways To De-stress After Work

Are you stressed out? Do you wake up feeling stressed because you feel that you didn’t sleep enough and have to get up to face the day? Braving the stressful traffic full of noise pollution and time wasted on the road trying to get to work on time after sending your kids off to school. Seeing the pile of work piling up even higher each time on your desk and you are hungry because you either forgot to eat your breakfast (because you woke up late after pressing the snooze button a million times) or you are feeling uninspired to complete the job. You brave the traffic once again to get home and after a stressful day a work, you have even more stress dealing with everything that still needs to get done before the day ends (dinner plans for the family, household chores that need to be completed, fitting in whatever social life you could into your already hectic schedule, more work that you brought home from the office because your deadline is tomorrow etc)

Sounds familiar? More often that not, our daily challenges lead to a certain degree of stress and tension. Hey, RELAX! We don’t have to be perfect or even have to do everything by ourselves either. There are ways to make your life easier. The less stressed you are, the happier you will be. You need to find healthy ways to reduce stress and relax at the end of the day. Some people find moments of solitude very calming, while others seem to unwind better in the company of loved ones. With the right balance of physical activity and mental down time, combined with a healthy diet and a good night’s sleep, you will renew and rejuvenate yourself for the next day which delivers great benefits to your body, mind and soul in the long run.

Here 18 ways to help you de-stress after work :
1. Leave work on time. Do not take your work home with you either.

2. Change out of your work clothes as soon as you get home. This simple step        instantly helps you feel more relaxed because it helps you make a clear transition from work to your more relaxed home persona.

3. Listen to relaxing music. Whether in your car, at work, at home and
anywhere else that you can. It helps ease the transition between work
and home. Singing along to your favorite songs really helps uplift your
moods too!

4. Setting healthy boundaries. Turn off your mobile phone and computer off
after a certain time each night if you can. The explosion of social
media and the rise of smartphones has to led to the invasion of our
private relaxation time and blurred the boundaries between work and
home. Constantly checking on your mobile devices contributes more to
your stress levels. By never taking breaks, constantly staring at a
screen and trying to take in information, the memory process becomes
disrupted, which takes the form of stress, impaired concentration and
even negative emotions such as anger as levels of stress hormones kick
in. Switch it off. It is good for your health and emotional wellbeing.

5. Exercising is a great way to destress and also stay fit & healthy. Be
it joining a gym or exercising at home with a video, the exercise
program can be as simple or as challenging that you make it out to be.
Whatever you decide, know that any form of physical activity that
exercises your whole body is a great way to destress after work and
also connect with friends and other people. Or you could go for a walk,
a bike ride or play ball with the kids. This goes a long way to help
you let go of the day’s stress.

6. Yoga is different from exercise. Yoga involves stretches that can help
you destress your body and relieve any tension that you may have. This
is especially great for people who are not into high impact exercise
but still achieve a lean, toned body.

7. Take a short nap if you are exhausted, but ONLY a short one. Spend a
little time with a cup of tea (drinking something warm like tea or milk
can help com for your body because it acts like an internal massage),
yoga or reading a good book instead. Too much down time might leave you
feeling sluggish and interfere with your normal sleep patterns, which
doesn’t help you reduce stress.

8. Participate in a favorite hobby or activity that you enjoy. Cooking a
favorite meal, doing needlework, playing futsal or going for a movie
could do the trick for you.

9. Include some downtime in your weekly schedule to do whatever sounds fun
at the time or perhaps do nothing at all.

10. Meditate or daydream about your next vacation or that cute person at
work.Take a minute or two for you. When you reflect on your day, focus
on at least one good thing that happened.

11. Take a hot bath before going to bed. Add different scented oils in
your bath to help further destress your mind and body. Popular scented
oils are ylang-ylang, lavender and lemongrass.

12. Hug your partner, your kids, your pets, your neighbors and anyone else
you can find!

13. Practice deep breathing exercises as it has a lot of health benefits
such as stress reduction. For example, before you get out of your car,
sit quietly, close your eyes and take three long full breaths.

14. Eat a quick energy-boosting and satisfying snack like bananas or

15. Massage your ears. This is a great and fast way to destress yourself.
It releases endorphins and makes you feel better. In only a few minute
you can feel the effect instantly.

16. Use stress relief products such as squeezing a stress ball. Stress
ball release tensions from your muscles and the squeezing activity
takes your mind off from negative thoughts. You can also use
relaxation mat to destress yourself after a hard day at work.

17. Make dinner the healthiest meal of the day to help refresh and
de-stress your body after work and avoid heavy foods such as nasi
lemak or pizza. These types of foods can weigh you down and not
make you feel your best. Eat something light instead like a fruit
smoothie, tuna salad sandwich or salmon salad.

18. Last but not least, get a massage. A massage at least once a week is a
great way to de-stress after work and if you schedule one at the end
of the work week, that way you will feel relaxed for the weekend. And
Thai Odyssey may just have the perfect kind of massage just for you!

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