What's Happening in Thai Odyssey…..

“What can we do to practice R.E.A.L.?”
“How can we add values to the lives of people we know?”
“What can we do to increase happiness?”

It was coming to the end of a fantastic year of 2013, and those were the questions we asked when we were figuring out what to do to close the year with a bang.  There were suggestions about going for a short trip, getting gifts for everyone and having a staff team building event.  As we were running out of ideas, someone stood up and said,

“Let’s sing for the kids.”

Immediately, we could feel that everyone in the conference room became more energetic.  Everyone was smiling and started sharing ideas.  At last, we decided to form a choir group and since it was the end of the year, we will all practice and dance to Christmas tunes.  All set and we were excited to perform.

This movement to increase joy and happiness at work was started when Thai Odyssey re-evaluated the company’s core values.   As we provide the best relaxing escapade for our customers, we realize that internally, we want to elevate the feelings of love and care amongst the staff too.  In line with this belief, we coined our core values with this acronym,
R.E.A.L – Responsibility, Efficiency, Appreciation and Love.

Our first few projects to ignite camaraderie were to perform songs and dance to the beautiful people at Rumah Victory Elderly Home and the kids at Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman.

More than 70 staff from lower to upper management, including some therapists, took part in these charity events.  The most memorable was the singing together as we held hands and sang in unison to the spirit of Yuletide.

We chatted with grandpas and grandmas, and we clowned around with the kids.  We ended the evening with a dinner gathering at Silver Spoon in Publika where we celebrated everyone’s hard work and dedication to the charity projects.

As we settled into the night, feeling contented for bringing heaps of happiness and joy to the people around us, we felt a strong sense of achievement.  This is going to continue to inspire us to put love first in all the things we do.  And we look forward to more merry moments together as colleagues, as partners and as friends.

4 Ways To Create Happy Homes

When you are feeling down, don’t you feel that you want to go home?  When you are tired traveling, don’t you always feel that home is still the best place in the world?  You can get a house anywhere you wish, but when you make it your home, you would always want to come back.

Home is the sanctuary.  It is a sacred and protected place, originating from the latin word “sanctum”, which means an inviolably private place where you take refuge and retreat from all that you are obliged to do for the day.  As such, a home or room, even if it is a small corner, can be created to give you peace and solace.

These are four easy ways you can create a peaceful and happy place you can call home:


1. Clear The Clutter

Stuff that no longer serves, you have to either dispose of them or give them away to people who will need them more than you.  When you are able to de-clutter your home, you will feel less burdened and experience bliss.



2. Make Your Bed

Simple as it may sound, it really is a happiness determinant marker.  In a survey of 68,000 people by Hunch.com, 71% of bed makers consider themselves happy; while 62% of non-bed-makers reported being unhappy.  Bed-makers are also more likely to like their jobs, exercise regularly and feel well rested.  They are even more successful and happy as compared to their rumple-sheeted peers.


3. Create A Serene Corner

It’s not the size of the house or the room that makes someone happy.  If you have too many things going around in your house with kids and grown-ups, you may want to look for a place where you call it your “Serene Corner”.  You can have it tagged and tell everyone to respect your serenity when you go to this corner to read a book or just to sit quietly for a while.


4. Use Soft Color Tones

If you have your walls painted in white, then you can choose soft pastel color shades for your windows.  Add soft patterns to your furniture with lace or an easy throw for coziness.  Be creative and choose fabric or paint with colors that make you feel relaxed and peaceful. By the end of the day when you are home, think of what you would like to feel then, and decide on the colors that match that feeling you want.


Take time to think about how you want to feel when you are at home.  Would you want more relaxing time or the time to play?  Even if you play with your kids at home, how would you like the relationships to be, would everyone be in a competitive mood or be happily creative?  Starting now, you can choose how you want it, visualize it and create the condition you want.  And let it become the place you will want to go home to.