The Great Odyssey: A Story of Love and Honesty (Part 6)

Continued from Part 5 – How does Thai Odyssey implement its winning formulas?

At Thai Odyssey, standards are kept high. They have a strict requirement on the front desk and staff are sent for training every three months to reinforce good practices. “We need our staff to be polite and gentle. If we get staff who are unable to comply with our culture, we are sorry then, but we are unable to work together,” explains Chuah.
When you walk into Thai Odyssey, it feels like Thailand. That is exactly how Chuah wants everyone to feel. Malaysia fades outside the door and the whole Thai culture takes over. So much so that Thai tourists have even commented to Chuah that it feels better than their own Thai massage centers.

The details are of great importance at Thai Odyssey. Everything from the bedsheets, the softness of the pillow and the lighting does not escape the eye of Chuah. In fact, he along with his partners were fully responsible for the interior design of the outlet. “I love design. I have also visited many resorts and spas to get ideas to create the outlook for Thai Odyssey. Also, thanks to our team of contractors who are with us from day one, we work together to finalise the designs too. Almost everything you see in our outlet comes from Thailand.”

Every Thai Odyssey outlet is identified by its romantic down lights and luxurious settings. Ornate Thai décor welcomes the customer along with the polite receptionist. Rooms are made for customers to sink into total relaxation. The scented rooms, fragrant beds, the willingness to serve and the smiling masseuses themselves. Everything has been made to bring the customer to a new state of well being.

In many developed countries, massage services are considered a professional business. Malaysia however, still carries the misconception of massage having a negative connotation. Thai Odyssey has persevered to provide genuine and skillful spa and massage therapies since its inception. Their hard work has paid off, for they have received much encouragement and support from Tourism Malaysia in the past two years. “We hope to change the public’s perception that a massage and spa experience can be wholesome and clean. All in all, we aspire to provide for the well-being of our fellow Malaysians.”