5 simple steps to create a spa sanctuary at your home!

Craving a little luxury in your life? Want to feel spoiled and relaxed without having to leave your home? Every now and then, we all want to escape from our daily-routine life and treat ourselves with tender loving care. It is true that we may not always have the time for a much needed wellness treatment, but it doesn’t mean that indulging self-care activities are forbidden. Just set aside an evening or a weekend to have a relaxing spa day at home!

Here are suggestions to create a spa experience at home by using our ` Back To Nature’ range of products by Thai Odyssey, filled with natural ingredients to pamper your body and soul.

Step one:

While you are at it, put on some relaxing music to help put your mind in the mood. It could be anything instrumental or even some bubbly pop music – hey whatever you are into, we won’t judge.

Step two:

Change into comfortable clothes or a bath robe and scent up your bathroom or bedroom with our Reed Diffuser, infused with fragrances of Eucalyptus, Halo Effect and Orchid to get that awakening and refreshing ambience. You’ll be in total relaxation!

Step three:

Exfoliate that beautiful skin of yours with our Shower Salt Scrub to nourish and rejuvenate your skin from within. (Our selection of shower salt scrub: Butterfly Pea and Siam Rose.)

Then wash off in a warm shower with our Natural Bath Soap, which is made mild and gentle, suitable for all skin types. Also, don’t forget to sing your lungs out to release feel-good chemicals in the brain.  (Our selected choices of Natural Bath Soap: Aloe Vera, Lemongrass, Mixed Herbs, Charcoal, Lotus Stamens, Lavender, Goat Milk Seaweed, Centella Honey, Lavender Butterfly Pea, Tumeric, Cucumber, Tomato, Mangosteen Husk and Black Sesame.)


If you own a tub at home, draw a hot bath and add in our Aroma Bath Salt for the ultimate relaxation. Its combination of formulated high performance minerals will help soothe your emotions and boost self-confidence while you’re soaking your stress away. (Our selection of aroma bath salt: Butterfly Pea, Frangipani, Lemongrass and Rose.)

Once you are done, you can then enjoy an aromatherapy bath with our Aroma Bath Gel to immerse in a reviving experience, leaving your skin glowing, hydrated and healthy.

Step four:

Towel off, but before your skin is completely dry, rub on some of our Aroma Body lotion to lock in the moisture which was absorbed during your shower. It is also perfect for daily use or as part as your bedtime ritual. Its fragrance smells heavenly, plus it is blend with natural plant oil, which gives your skin that nourish-finish that helps improve skin elasticity. (Our selection of Aroma Body Lotion: Vanilla and Butterfly Pea

Step five:

Rest your soul and treat yourself to a high-quality rest with a 30-minutes nap. To enhance the calming effect for a good rest, invest in our Eye Pillow Gift Set. It comes with a 5ml lavender essential oil for you to apply a few drops on the eye pillow before usage. Just close your eyes and place the cooling eye pillow on your eyes and drift into slumber. You can also use the Eye Pillow to help you relax and sleep at night.

And there you have it – a perfect day (or evening) of pampering and relaxation planned out for you in your very own home!