What is Songkran?

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The Songkran celebration, also fondly known as ‘Thailand’s Water Festival’, is an annual celebration that marks the beginning of the Thai’s traditional New Year. This celebration falls on April 13 and will last 3 days until April 15 each year.


What Happens During Songkran?

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The Songkran festival is all about cleansing, purification and having a fresh beginning to a new year. In fact, the name Songkran itself comes from the Sanskrit word meaning ‘approaching’. Hence, during the 3 days celebration, Thais will have their houses cleaned and organize processions with Buddha statues carried through the streets for people to wash it with scented water. Also, temples will showcase bathing rituals where devotees will pour water on senior Buddhist monks as a form of blessing to them.

Of course, what is Songkran without a huge water fight? Expect large-scale water fights on the streets of major cities in Thailand where people arm themselves with water guns and pails to splash water on anyone around them. Not only is this an amusing way to celebrate the New Year, but the water soaking signifies washing away bad thoughts and to bring about good luck and great blessings to the person being splashed. A fun way to bless someone indeed!


Where Is It Celebrated?

All throughout Thailand! But the massive water fights will usually happen in major cities like Bangkok and Chiang Mai. In rural areas, it is celebrated in a more traditional manner with activities that are focused more on the religious aspects of the festival.

Songkran is also celebrated in other parts of Southeast Asia, especially in Cambodia, Burma and Laos.


Is Songkran Only For Thai People?

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While originally a religious event for Thai people, Songkran has evolved into a fun-filled celebration that welcomes anyone with a penchant for fun and revelry. So, Songkran is for everyone! As long as they observe the basic etiquettes and common respect of the Thai people and their culture, travellers and foreigners are welcomed to join in the fun…


We hereby wish everyone Happy Songkran 2019! May you be blessed with good fortune all through the year. And… prepare to get soaked!!





4 Ideas For A Refreshing Valentine’s Date

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It’s that time of the year again where we celebrate love and affection with our significant others. This year, how about doing something different with your partner aside from the ‘traditional’ candlelight dinner and a movie date? Here are some refreshing ideas for a different Valentine’s date this coming 14th February…


Giving Love Back To Society

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Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating the love between couples. How about making it more than that and spread love to others? You can plan some charitable activities with your partner at a local animal shelter, an orphanage or the old folk’s home. Not only will you be able to bond better with each other over some good work, you will also be touching the hearts of others you’d helped. Now, that’s celebrating love all right!


Love Over A Campfire

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Give yourself, and your partner, a breath of fresh air and set off into the great outdoors! Plan for a one-day camping trip at a local national park or campsite. Revel in the beauty of nature and experience the ‘Day Of Love’ from a whole different perspective. Come nighttime, set up a tent by a cosy campfire and stargaze with your partner while roasting some marshmallows and drinking some hot chocolate. Inexpensive, yet beautiful and memorable…


Cooking Up A Delicious Storm

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Skip the expensive restaurants. Cook up an elaborate feast in the comfort of your home instead. Team up with your partner and gather some recipes, do some grocery runs and prepare to be master chefs at home! Even better, have a friendly competition and see who has the best creation. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy your bonding over the cooking. The end results will taste sweeter than any dish you get elsewhere.


A Pampering Day Out

Your body needs some love too! So, how about arranging for a ‘spa day out’ with your significant other and enjoy a rejuvenating and refreshing therapy for your mind and body. Thai Odyssey offers couple massage rooms where you can enjoy massage therapies such as our popular Traditional Thai Massage or Thai Aromatherapy Massage together. Or indulge yourselves in an elaborate spa experience with our Ultimate Thai Odyssey service, available at our selected outlets. No matter which service you choose, you will go home feeling energized and ready to take on the day.

For more information on our services, visit our official website at www.thaiodyssey.com.


Happy Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds out there!

What's Happening in Thai Odyssey…..

“What can we do to practice R.E.A.L.?”
“How can we add values to the lives of people we know?”
“What can we do to increase happiness?”

It was coming to the end of a fantastic year of 2013, and those were the questions we asked when we were figuring out what to do to close the year with a bang.  There were suggestions about going for a short trip, getting gifts for everyone and having a staff team building event.  As we were running out of ideas, someone stood up and said,

“Let’s sing for the kids.”

Immediately, we could feel that everyone in the conference room became more energetic.  Everyone was smiling and started sharing ideas.  At last, we decided to form a choir group and since it was the end of the year, we will all practice and dance to Christmas tunes.  All set and we were excited to perform.

This movement to increase joy and happiness at work was started when Thai Odyssey re-evaluated the company’s core values.   As we provide the best relaxing escapade for our customers, we realize that internally, we want to elevate the feelings of love and care amongst the staff too.  In line with this belief, we coined our core values with this acronym,
R.E.A.L – Responsibility, Efficiency, Appreciation and Love.

Our first few projects to ignite camaraderie were to perform songs and dance to the beautiful people at Rumah Victory Elderly Home and the kids at Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman.

More than 70 staff from lower to upper management, including some therapists, took part in these charity events.  The most memorable was the singing together as we held hands and sang in unison to the spirit of Yuletide.

We chatted with grandpas and grandmas, and we clowned around with the kids.  We ended the evening with a dinner gathering at Silver Spoon in Publika where we celebrated everyone’s hard work and dedication to the charity projects.

As we settled into the night, feeling contented for bringing heaps of happiness and joy to the people around us, we felt a strong sense of achievement.  This is going to continue to inspire us to put love first in all the things we do.  And we look forward to more merry moments together as colleagues, as partners and as friends.

Be Better, Be Happier, Be Important – The 3 New To-Do List for 2014

As we step into 2014, it may be a good time now to give yourself some time to find out why time has flown. To some of us who are feeling the over-stress and overwork syndrome, or to some of us who are seeking the meaning of life, asking “Why am I here?” or “What is life?”, it’s good that we get ready a cup of tea, sit back and let’s give ourselves the precious time to reflect.

Making new year resolution is one of the ways to let you start thinking and exerting effort to move towards your dream. It keeps you on the right track, creates order and direction for your life. With work pressures and family-relationship demands, you tend to forget about putting yourself first. You give to everyone their time and satisfy everyone’s dreams and fancies but yours. You work out their schedules but yours. You attend to their needs but yours. This year, make it a year to satisfy your needs first. As you are happier, achieving what you want, then you can give 100% to others of what they want.

Let’s get started!  Instead of harping on the same issues of weight-loss plan and exercising, let’s categorise the to-do list which includes the following:

“What can I do better?” List;

“How can I be happier?” List; and

“What’s important to me?” List.

“What can I do better?”

This year, improve your abilities and learn a new skill.  If you are a Secretary, would you like to learn to use a new software?  As a mother, would you bake or start a home-based business?  As a professional, would you like to improve your skills by going to a world-class convention?  To speak better, would you join a communication workshop or join a Club?

“How can I be happier?”

This year, make a decision to be happy.  Learn to use positive affirmation every morning to start the day.  Say, “I’m happy and everyone is happy.”  Choose to smile often.  Make a reservation now to go on your dream holiday, don’t wait.  Sign up for the dance class you’ve always been thinking about.  Remove from the dust infested drawer with your drawing or musical instruments and play.  Get out your calendar and mark all the dates where you will go ahead and fulfil all your wishes.  Just do it, right now!

“What’s important to me?”

Under this list, you may want to write the names of your loved ones.  Beside each name, you can create another to-do list with the person who is important to you.  If there are things which are important to you, list them down, and beside each item, tell yourself how important this item is to you.  How would you like to improve the use of the item?  For example, memories are best kept in pictures, you can learn how to create photo books for your loved ones, accompany with a well-written story and a record for posterity.

In 2014, make it a year you begin tolove Yourself all over again.  Look into what make you YOU, and share with the world the new YOU who is happier, better and having greater self-esteem.

To you, the happy one, Happy New Year 2014!